Free No Deposit Bingo’s Global Journey – Play For Fun!

As one of the most popular games to have survived several years and as many revamps, traditional bingo has filtered through the numerous technological advancements of the past few years and ended up as one of the most popular online games around. Free no deposit bingo has become one of the most enjoyed pastimes in Canada, due simply to the fact that it has proven to provide players with hours of fun, absolutely free of charge. However, most people play it without having the slightest knowledge about where it comes from and how it has evolved into the game that it is today. We have condensed the history of the game for your enjoyment. Take a look at bingo’s interesting evolution below.

Let’s Take A Trip To Italy

During the 16th Century, around approximately 1530, a lottery-style game called Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia was invented. While it is a far cry from what we now know as bingo, it still provided the same basic principles: a game of chance that involved the luck of the draw. Of course, the kind of free no deposit bingo that people throughout Canada are playing today has a lot more structure, but this has come from centuries of refinement.

Now, On To France

As with most popular things, the lottery-style game that was made famous in Italy soon filtered to neighbouring countries. By the 18th Century, during the year 1778, Le Lotto had become the French version of its Italian counterpart. This variation was made up of 27 squares in three rows and nine columns, with numbers ranging from one to 90. By this stage, it was well on its way to becoming the free no deposit bingo that is played in Canada today. As time went on, certain changes and adjustments were made, each one adapted to provide easier understanding and usability within the game.

To America and Beyond

With the United States serving as one of the most popular countries for immigrants from all over the world to move to, it was only a matter of time before Le Lotto was introduced there. By the 1920s, America had a pretty refined version of the game, one quite similar to free no deposit bingo. The only difference was that it was played in bingo halls and players could only indulge if they paid the money for the tickets. Either way, it was this version, one that was simplifed from the French one that made it into the hearts of many players all over Canada.

To this day, there are a number of devoted free no deposit bingo players who are all able to enjoy the game from the comfort of their mobile devices. Whether it be playing on the bus home from work or while they sit at their computers in the evening, free no deposit bingo has remained an extremely popular pastime. There is a wealth of sites that cater to players all over Canada, so if you are a bingo enthusiast, go ahead and play them now!